John Deere R-series

We now can reprogram hours in John Deere R-series, please mail or call for the options.

ECU Electronic Control Unit: L21, L22, L23, L33, L33AC, L34


John Deere R-series like the:

6115R, 6120R, 6125R, 6130R, 6150R, 6140R, 6145R, 6150R, 6155R, 6170R, 6175R, 6190R, 6210R, 6230R,

7230R, 7250R, 7260R, 7280, 


Also options for xx00, xx10, xx20 and the xx30 series.



Part number: RE539229, RE548097, RE545886, RE551059, RE551415, RE551416, RE552148, RE555539, RM100100, SE503035, PH90221794, PH90221982, PH90225555